3rd six weeks

Language Arts Writing

Brainstorming Ideas (Graphic Organizers)

To brainstorm ideas find an organizing strategy that works for you. For example, you can always use a web or you can also use the five W's.

Revising and Editing Techniques

When you revise make sure you check your spelling, and be specific, and if your not sure you story is not god enough you can always ask a teacher or peer. To help you can circle any mistake and when that is over you can go back and fix them. It also helps to read it aloud because your ears can hear something your eyes miss.

The Influence of the Setting on plot Development

The setting is the time and place of story. If we did not have a setting then the story would not make no sense. It influences the characters behavior and value. For example, if The Hunger Games took place in modern time then we wouldn't have all the action. Katniss never would have been chosen for war.
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The Importance of Plot and Setting When Creating Stories

The setting is a part of the character it is why the character is who he is. If you didn't have a setting you wouldn't really have a story at all. If you didn't have a plot how would you know what is even happening in a story so it wouldn't really be a story.
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Different Forms of Point of View

1st Person: The story is being told by one of the characters. Using I, we, me.

2nd Person: The narrator addresses the reader. Using you, your.

3rd Person: The story is told by the narrator. Using he, she, they.

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