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Cats are one of the most difficult animals to take care of because everyday you have to feed your cat,Everyday you have to give your cat water. And you wake up to scratches on your arms and legs and meowing in your face or scratching on your door of attention.

The most liked cats/Type of cats

The most liked cats breeds are Abyssinian,American Short Tail,Birman,Oriental,Persian,Pagdoll, Siamese cats,And Sphinx cats. Also there are 86 different types of cats to see.

Weird Stuff That Most Cats Do/Have

Every cat owner knows that cats do weird stuff in the bathroom like drink out of the toilet because cats love cold water or bat and hiss when theres a new cat at the screen door then that cat will hiss in till you pick up you're cat then that cat walks away casually or runs away to a nother house.

Some facts about Turkish van cats

If a cat licks a spot to much than it would tern bald also if you give a Turkish Van or the "swimming cat" and the Turkish Angora they would LOVE ABSOLUTELY LOVE BATHS thats why they are called "The Swimming Cat". Also Turkish Van cats live up to 13 years or more years for a turkish Van cats.

The survey for north fourth grade

I made a survey and five breeds were disqualified they were the Coom cat with 2 likes,The Persian cat with 2 likes, Abyssinian cat with 1 like, The American Short Tail cat with 1 like, The Short Haired cat with 9 likes,The Sphinx with 3 likes,and The Pagdoll with 2. But there were a lot of other cats with like 19 likes The Short air tide with 9 likes with The Siamese but the most liked one is the Taby Cat came with 15 likes from the north kids.


Pictures of Turkish, baby tigers, Taby cats and Short haired cats. My most favorite type of cat is the Turkish van cats because they let you give them a bath and i think they look cute.
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