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Push and Pull factors for swedish imigration to Texas

Swedes came to Texas because there was a lot of good land and there was a moderate climate. In Sweden the land was poor performing and it was very cold. The Swedes were also very adventurous people, so the fact of going to a new place was a viable option.

Culture Highlights

The language that is spoken in Sweden is Swedish. The majority of Swedes that immigrated were Lutheran, which is a branch Catholic. A traditional Swedish meal consists of Humaniskost, which is a range of foods-It can include fish, pork, potatoes or other root vegetables, milk, cereals, onion, cabbage and apple. Smorgasbord-which consists of many foods starting with smoked eel or salmon with bread and butter; then cheeses and eggs and pickled vegetables; finally hot foods; served as a buffet meal. Deserts and jams- Sweden is home to many different berries that are perfect for jams so they use them to their advantage. Some of the holidays that are widely celebrated in Sweden are Easter, Christmas, and their national day( like an independence day).

The Dala horse is one of the main things that symbolise Sweden. When Swedish men would go away from their family, they would take a dala horse to keep them occupied and to remind them of home.

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Significant individuals

Swen Mangus Swenson was the cause of all the Swedes coming to Texas. He came and set up a plantation and thrived. Many of the first settlers were either related to him ar they were friends. His uncle, Swante Palm, later joined him and they started a working town which drew other Swedes to texas. Swen M. Swenson and Swante Palm are called the fathers of Swedish immigration to Texas.

Did You Know??????????????????????????? some fun facts about Sweden

Since 2004 people can pay their Swedish taxes by sending an SMS message from your cell phone.

The income tax rate in Sweden is 57.77%!

There is no right turn on red lights.

Sweden is known for having many berries, ( I've gone berry picking in Sweden, it's great!)

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Analysis 1

The Swedish learned to adapt to hotter climates.. They also had to change some festivals to adapt to the area, like, they couldn't eat seafood on a holiday so they had to find something else. The population of Swedes have grown largely from the first 25 that settled here. Also the number of Lutherans in Texas has grown. Many different farming methods were brought to Texas as well, the Swedish were excellent farmers.

Analysis 2

Texas is better off because of immigration from Sweden. A new religion was introduced, new foods were introduced, and the culture spread. It has been like this with almost all cultures that immigrated to Texas. Immigration brings new people and new cultures to different places and makes them diverse.


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