The Hawk Squawk

March 22, 2016



23 Picture Day

24 Hats Off to Reading- wear your Favorite Hat

Ms Schofield at District Meetings

25 Wear You Jeans and You Favorite NCAA Team Shirt ( Go Hoosiers)

Battle of the Books 12:30-2:00


29 5th Grade Sympony Field Trip

3-5 Iowa Assessments Math - All parts

30 3-5 Iowa Assessments Reading - All Parts

School Directed- 2 Surveys to do during this time. * information below

31 3-5 Iowa Assessments Science & Social Studies

Turn in your Minutes to Win It Minutes by 3:00 to be counted toward the Book Bash


1- Book Character Dress Up-

Snack Day

Book Swap

Deadline for Twitter Blackout.

4 & 5 Iowa Assessment Make Ups

6 Leader In Me PD

8 Day In the Arts

Iowa Assessment Week Information


1. There will be no Library or Guidance Classes the entire day for the week of 3.28-4. You may use the computer lab or take your students to do your own book check at the following times: Any time on Monday, Tuesday- Thursday after 1:00 and anytime Friday. If you have questions or concerns please see Ms. Schofield.

I know your schedule has been off the last few weeks. After this week, we should be back on a regular schedule for the next several weeks. If you have library or Guidance on Friday ( A Day In The Arts) get with Judi and Carla to make that up at some time next week.

2. Be flexible

3. You may change your schedule around next week to meet your needs. If you would like to change your recess time please do so. The only thing that you need to be sure of is that you start your testing at 8:45. K-2 teachers many of the support teachers will be helping with testing so you may not have the support for your flex blocks. Please plan accordingly. Diana and Carla will be working in K-2 classrooms in the morning.

4. Be flexible


1. Ms Mireles is doing some test anxiety groups throughout the week. If you have names you can email her. That doesn't mean they will get in a group but let her know if you have concerns.

2. Sarah is working very hard to make the testing run smoothly and efficiently. Please seek first to understand and be flexible.

3. You may pick up your testing materials from Ms. Schofield's office between 3:20 and 4:00 on Thursday ( 3. 24).

4. If you have students leaving your room to take the test, the test administrator will come and get those students from you between 8:30-8:40. All testing sessions should be started by 8:45. ( you should have the names of students in small groups soon)

5. Your testing materials need to be locked up each evening. We will collect your testing materials from you Thursday after you have finished the testing.

6. Please be mindful when planning for after testing that you will have some students in small groups that will be finishing later. Please adjust your plans so they are not missing new learning and be sure they get recess.

7. Some of you have talked with me about having snacks so that everyone will have something to eat before the testing. If you feel your class is not going to get something to eat for breakfast please feel free to have parents send in something healthy to have before testing.


Art, Music, PE Schedule for March 28- April 1st

We are following this schedule all week even on non testing days.
Big image

Class Supplies

Please get your lists to Deb by 1:00 on Wednesday. Before putting items on the list be sure you don't have enough downstairs in your storage.

Required Surveys

There are two surveys that DMPS wants you to participate in.

You will receive emails about two surveys. One is a VAL-ED Survey, the other is a Parent Involvement Survey from the Iowa Department of Education. You will have the time on March 30th to fill out both of these surveys and finish the Safe School Module if you haven't already done so. The rest of the time is yours. You never have enough time so here is a little.

Science Kits

I need a list of items you need to refill the science kits for next year by April 8th.

We will be transitioning to the Next Generation Science Standards but will be using the FOSS kits for one more year. I have talked with some grade levels about using the Next Generation Standards next year which I support. If your grade level would like help in aligning the FOSS kits you have to the new standards I would be more than happy to help with that.

Professional Reading

Debbie Miller's new thinking in Reading with Meaning