Quitter's Inc.

By Steven King


  • Exposition This story starts off with Morrison meeting his old friend Jimmy. Morrison notices that Jimmy is looking well and Jimmy tells him how he stopped smoking. He gives Morrison a card telling him about "Quitter's Inc."
  • Rising Action Morrison goes into the building and signs up with Quitter's Inc. He signs a contract promising to not smoke. He struggles with not smoking for a while but does make progress and is really doing well.
  • Climax One day, Morrison has just had enough and he smokes. This leads to a serious consequence and his wife has to pay the dark price of getting shocked for 30 seconds.
  • Falling Action After Morrison's wife, Cindy gets shocked, he explains the darkness behind Quitter's Inc. and why she was kidnapped. She forgives him right away, being very understanding. He does not slip up again because of the other things that can happen such as his son being beaten up or Cindy's pinkie finger being cut off.
  • Resolution Morrison finish's Quitter's Inc. and gives someone else there card. He later meets back up with Jimmy and Jimmy's wife. Morrison notices when shaking the wife's hand that she is missing a pinkie.


The theme in this story is about how love is the strongest drug there ever will be. I know this because even though the method of the Quitter's Inc. was very dark, it did get Morrison to push through and quit smoking. If they just gave him something to help with the cravings of a cigarette, he could sneak one whenever he wanted. With the method of Quitter's Inc. what drove Morrison not to smoke was fearing the un-safety of the one's that he loved. This way, there was no way that Morrison would ever want to smoke again if it meant hurting his wife and/or son. His love for them helped him push through and quit smoking.


  • Morrison- Man trying to quit smoking: Curious, loving, brave and risk taker.
  • Donatti- Main person in charge at Quitter's Inc. : Creepy, passive- aggressive, dark and calm.
  • Cindy- Morrison's wife: Forgiving, kind and thoughtful.

Major Conflict

The major conflict in this story is Morrison's struggle trying not to smoke. He internal conflict with himself is the one thing that has him self-doubting if he can stop smoking. Though his body craves a cigarette, he knew that if he were to slip up, someone he loved would be harmed. This was the major conflict in the story, of Morrison wanting to smoke, but not wanting anyone to get hurt.

Literary Devices

One literary device in this story is symbolism. The way the author gives a great example of symbolism is with Morrison's wife and the bunny. The Rabbit Treatment is when Donatti electrocutes a rabbit every time it tries to eat. This trains the rabbit not to eat because it thinks it is bad. So, what Donatti does if Morrison slips up and smokes, he electrocutes his wife, Cindy. This also trains Morrison not to have the urge to smoke because he does not want to see Cindy hurt.


"'Oh, no,' Donatti said. 'Your wife gets the rabbit trick, not you.'"


In my opinion, the most compelling aspect of this story is how the character Donatti keeps you guessing. Through the entire story Donatti keeps you wondering what his next move will be. You never know if he is going to be a calm, put together man, or the dark, creepy one who keeps a gun in his desk. There are many reasons to read this story such as, detail, conflict and the devotion Morrison develop's and Donatti is just a great mixture to it all.