The Black Cat

by Edgar Allen Poe

Read, If you dare...

In this chilling tale by Edgar Allen Poe, you see that certain circumstances can ruin the best of us. The narrator brings us into his perspective as we see a respectable man slowly turn to a monster. Knowing his days are limited, he lets us in on the most gruesome, awful thing any person could do. What will happen when this once loving man is overcome by rage and tries to harm Pluto, his beloved pet. What will happen when another animal shows up , reminding him of the horrible sin he commited? What will happen when his wife tries to stop his horrible ways? How did this man turn into such a demonic fiend? Find out in "The Black Cat."
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This short story is the study of the psychology of guilt often paired with Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart." In which a murder carefully concealed his crime and believes himself right, but slowly, overwelmed by guilt, he reveals himself. "The Black Cat" was first publishes in the August 19, 1843 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. Readers immediately took a liking to it, creating many parodies including, Thomas Dunn English's "The Ghost of the Grey Tadpole."
The Black Cat - Edgar Allan Poe - Short Movie
Above is an adaption of the short story, "The Black Cat."