Some Professional Development and Lots of FUN

Retreat Dates

Tuesday, July 26th, 9pm to Wednesday, July 27th, 4pm

596 Leonard Road

Millport, AL



We will meet together on Tuesday at 9:00am.

Ryan Jimenez will provide PD on Behavior in today's classroom


Ryan Jimenez will provide classroom management strategies in today's classroom

Faculty Fun...Zip Line for anyone that is interested...?????


More Faculty Fun



Terri Boman will lead us in Leadership building activities


Planning time

Dismiss at 4:00pm

What to bring...

Sleeping bag or sheet/blanket, pillow, towel, Bedding (a pillow, sheets, etc. for a single bed), towels and toiletries, comfortable shoes, and anything additional that YOU want them to bring. You'll have all your meals in the dining area, all the lodging areas are climate controlled so you shouldn't need anything additional for that.

Another friendly reminder that if any of you use C-paps, or any "devices" that need to be plugged in at night - to bring a small extension cord (I'm not sure how many outlets there are in the cabins, and how close/far away from the beds they are.)

Also - just a helpful note....AT&T will have service here, and Verizon has "limited" service, but if you use T-Mobil - you will lose service shortly after leaving Reform, and will not have any service at camp AT ALL. (Just a good heads up to have).