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March 15, 2019

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We Are Bigger Than the Problems We Face

What did one math book say to the other math book? “I’ve got problems.”

Interestingly enough, all math problems have logical and possible solutions. Some may be difficult to solve (really difficult), but with the right training and knowledge, there is an answer that can be acquired. Unfortunately, the word “problem” has such a negative connotation. Perhaps we should start calling math problems something more positive, like “math solutions”. Maybe math wouldn’t be viewed as being as difficult if we removed that negative “problem” word and instead focused on the word solutions. What if we extended that same concept to all disciplines, all duties, all initiatives that we are involved in?

All problems cannot be “solved” like a math problem. We all are given trials and difficult situations to deal with in our lives that don’t necessarily have a logical solution. When Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” perhaps he meant that we need to get away from the negative association that tends to accompany our perception of the problem. If we wallow and dwell on the problem itself, then we will never be able to rise above the situation to see how to overcome it and do something about it.

So many times, when faced with a problem, we spend our energy focusing on the problem itself and become frustrated when it doesn’t change. We become frustrated and place blame and decide who should fix it, but too often we skip the step where we look for ways that we can help solve it. We don’t take the time to step away from the problem at hand to look at it from a different perspective and instead just dwell on how it negatively affects us.

If we really want solutions, we should not focus our energy on the problem itself for too long. We also should not waste time assigning blame or coming up with ways that we think others should solve it. Rather we should spend a few minutes on the problem, and then spend the rest of our time and energy on positive solutions. There will be things that come up that we have no control over. We should not waste a lot of time worrying about those things. Rather, we should concentrate on what we can do to make the problems we can impact better. Also remember, we are seeing the problem from our perspective, but there are other perspectives as well and our solutions will not always be the same. If we respect each others differences, we must also respect each others solutions and look for ways that they can work together to create change.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow believed that 15 minutes was plenty of time to spend on our problems. When a client would visit his office, he would allow them 15 minutes to discuss their problems. Then, the remainder of their time would be spent on discovering positive solutions. If we practiced this in our daily lives, would we be happier, healthier, and more successful? If we limited the discussion of problems to 15 minutes and spent the rest of our time on discovering possible solutions, how much better would things be?

IMPACT Field Trip

Thank you 8th Grade Team & Guidance for taking our students to visit IMPACT! Exposing them to opportunities now helps them plan for their futures.

e-Learning Make Up Days

3/29 & 4/19 will be used as make days using e-Learning. You are welcome to post assignments early for students to access before Spring Break and Good Friday.

Visit the CN Book Fair this week!

Thank you Mrs. Gallmeyer for your work on planning and implementing a book fair for the Junior/Senior High School!

In Support of CN Elementary

We received information from CN Elementary asking if the Jr/Sr HS would like to join them in helping one of their cafeteria workers, Sherry Barton. Sherry's husband has congestive heart failure and has been admitted to the VA Hospital with limited time remaining. They are taking up a collection to help her with driving expenses and meals while she travels back and forth and is unable to work. If you would like to help out, for $5 you may wear jeans all of next week. We will donate the money raised to help Sherry during this difficult time. See Megan or Diane on Monday with your donation.

For Your Calendars:

3/18-3/22 - Book Fair

3/22 - Jr High Spring Fling

3/29 - Make Up Day Elearning

3/29 - 4/5 - Spring Break