Greenhouse gasses poster

By: Brittany Jacobs, Erin Paulus

3 Major Greenhouse Gasses & Where They Come From

Carbon Dioxide- Comes from volcanic eruptions, and respiration

Methane- Sabatier process

Nitrogen Oxide- is formed usually as a result of burning biomass

What they do in the Atmosphere

Greenhouse gasses allow visible ultraviolet sunlight to pass through the atmosphere and reach the surface of the earth and trap in heat

Positives & Negatives


The green house affect keeps the heat that the sun gives off and keeps it from going back into space. Also when the atmosphere is warmer it can hold more water so there will more precipitation so there will not be as many droughts.


The greenhouse affect effect melts the ice caps in the poles so animals there are loosing habitat. There is also an increase of CO2 int eh atmosphere which is bad.

Arctic Fox

The arctic fox (picture below) is just one of the animals that is being affected by global warming. The arctic fox is a small fox to that lives in Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and is very common throughout the Arctic. Its habitat is beginning to melt as it is destroyed by the rising temperatures of the Earth. If you want to help please contact this website to help.

What would happen if Carbon Dioxide, Ozone and Oxygen rapidly decreased

Carbon Dioxide- If Carbon Dioxide decreased there would be no plant life because plants need carbon dioxide to complete photosynthesis and without plants living organisms will not be able to sustain life without oxygen. Also there would be a extreme increase in radiation.

Ozone- If the Ozone layer decreased and to much UV radiation came through cells and plants and animals would be damaged or destroyed and life could only be available in the ocean where the rays are blocked.

Oxygen- If Oxygen decreased people or other mammals would not be able to live even though some things don't need Oxygen

Global Warming

Global warming is the gradual increase of the Earths temperature over a period of time. It is mainly cause by the increase of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and those gasses cause the Earth to capture heat more than before, therefore increasing the temperature of the earth.

In our opinion about global warming, it is not necessarily a bad thing, but it will become bad over the course of a long time. We do need the greenhouse gasses to live on this planet, because that is how the earth sustains heat. However we think that, we should look out for the increase of the gasses.