Wild About Learning with Mrs. Mac

December 14-18

South Creek awarded "A" grade by the Department of Education for 2014-2015!

Writing- We will write about the gingerbread man. Our 4th grade buddies will help us write letters to Santa.

Specials class this Wednesday will be a Friday rotation.

Attention Parents:

-Monday Dec 14th, Mrs. Mac will be out of the classroom

-Thursday Dec 17th-Santa Hat Day, we will watch the 4th grade production of Polar Express, Winter party

-Friday, December 18, No School for students

Thank you to those people who have sent in pillowcases so far. I have gotten about 3, so please send them in.

Please help your child become more independent by learning to tie their shoes and zip their jackets.

Please remember to check the weather and dress your child to go outside. It's getting colder, but we will go outside, if it's not raining or snowing. We even go outside in the winter unless the wind chill is 0 or below.

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Keepsake Pillowcase Poem & Autographs!

We are going to be doing an end of the year project that will require a brand new, white, standard size pillowcase. We will be signing these pillowcases in class so you should expect them to come back as a fun keepsake for your student. Please send in a pillowcase by Jan. 11, 2016. We will also take donations of pillowcases so everyone has one. Mrs. Mac will type and iron on a poem as well.

Safety and Security

Your child's safety at school is very important to me. We have spent many hours together and I have grown to love your children.

With all the violence in the news, I want to reassure you about our Intruder drill procedures. We have practiced what to do if "a bad person" comes in our school. I try to tell them as little of the scary details about the world as possible.

I have described how to go to our "safe place" by telling them we need to be sneaky--like if we were getting up in the middle of the night to sneak a drink of water. We don't want anyone to hear us. When we get to our spot, we all close our eyes and think of a place that makes us happy. If we keep our eyes open, silliness starts to occur (someone makes a face, laughs or passes gas) and they don't take this drill seriously. I hide with them, because if someone gets upset it would be easier for me to calm them down.

In 22 years of teaching I have been in several minor but "real" emergency situations. I have seen teachers tell students it's practice and others tell students this is for real. I know children look to the adults around them to gage their emotional response. My goal would be to for kids to respect the seriousness of the drill and never really know that there is an emergency going on. I am on our school's safety team and keep the walkie talkie for our area. I also keep an iphone or ipad near me at all times. So far they have done a great job practicing these drills. I wanted you to be aware of my mindset and support any of the procedures we have learned.