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Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

We have officially finished iStep testing for the year! Yahoo!!

Students had a bubble party on Friday to celebrate being done 'bubbling in' answers. See pics below.

We have started reading another story together called Love, Ruby Lavender. We are going to use this fictional book to grow story plot and character understanding, but also compare it to our last story, Because of Winn Dixie. Students have already started to notice some connections between the two. We have started to learn about protagonist and antagonist, which we related to Disney and Pixar cartoons. This week we will look at the battles that characters go through in a book by talking about character vs. self, nature, or character. We will start following Ruby and the other characters of the story through the journey taking place in the book. We will document and respond to these adventures and journeys. This will mirror what we will be doing in small groups. I will be giving students a choice of books to choose from. They will work in book clubs to practice identifying theme, character struggles and growth, and types of characters (round vs flat and protagonist vs antagonist).

Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

We have started our poetry unit. Students are enjoying writing multiple different types of poetry, including acrostic, couplet, and I Am. On Friday we talking about the most popular form of poetry. MUSIC!! This was a lot of fun. We closely read the lyrics of Best Day of my Life and students quickly realized that it was made up of couplets and meter.

This week we will continue to explore all different kids of poetry. Students will decide to publish some. Some will be showing up in the hall and on SeeSaw.

We will also be finishing up on a fun writing project for Mrs. Bontrager, as Friday is her last day with us.

I have to give HUGE compliments to my students! Their Young Author books were amazing! Thank you to everyone who came to YA Night as well as Grandparent's Day to celebrate our Students! Way to go kids!

Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

We spent last week doing a quick review of fractions and then going in deeper with their knowledge. We looked at mixed numbers and improper fractions and adding and subtracting simple fractions in number stories. We will have a short progress check on this to see where everyone is, and then we will begin looking a more difficult multiplication and division. Students have been taking their multiplication tests about 3 times a week, and are progressing. They are working on earning an ice cream sundae party, which will take place at the end of the year. Students earn parts and toppings for their sundae as they progress through the timed tests. Check with your student to see where he/she is. The links to practice at home a below. Keep practicing. Homework this week will be to practice at home each night. Thanks for dedicating time to this as it really makes a difference in the student's ease when working bigger problems.

Content and Pen Pals

We are diving into Government this week. Students will explore what the levels of government are, how laws are made, and the role of a responsible citizen... perfect time for voting!

We will also be making our own rocks with Mrs. Patterson. In a week or two we will dissect another class' rocks to see what elements the rock contains - cement, minerals, gems, etc.

Specials Next Week:

Library -Tuesday

M - Art

T - Music

W - PE

Th - Tech

Fri - Art

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Have an amazing week!!

I look forward to a great week of learning together!

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