News Bulletin for Newark Vocational High School

'In the Loop'

January Thirteenth through the Seventeenth

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The intent of our new "In the Loop" weekly bulletin is to keep our faculty, students and parents informed about events at Newark Vocational High School. Information on testing, special events, athletics, field trips and programs with our community partners will be shared weekly. If you have news or information that will support our mission, please email the information to:

-Jermaine E. Kamau, Principal

Testing Schedule this week

AHSA testing for seniors begins Monday(1/13) and ends on Fri 2/7 for those seniors who have not yet passed the HSPA. CRESST testing for sophomores and freshmen will take place on 1/21. Details to follow to those teachers affected by this test.  Midterm window will be from 1/21-1/24 with 1/27 for make-ups.  


“Beauty All Around Me“  It’s A Beautiful Day in Newark, NJ!” Mr. Brown booms daily into our hearts and minds at Newark Vocational High School.Is Newark Vocational a Beautiful Place?  Is Newark, New Jersey, a Beautiful Place?  My heart, my mind, and my spirit all answer, “Yes!”  This school, Newark Vocational High School, can be a beautiful place.  This city built on cobblestone, the Brick City, can be a wonderful place.    Newark is beautiful because we are Beautiful!  Although newspapers claim that we are poor, angry, mean, silly, and heartless, we are not claiming or owning any of that misery.  We are born from greatness walking through struggle and backsliding headed towards renewal, spiritual, and maybe vein material richness.  Newark, Stand Up!!! We Are BAD!!!   Yes, we have a little devilment in us and thugs seeking reform and/or removal but I am not talking about that negativity.  We are BAD!!! We can be determined, fearless, and unapologetic about our aim to build kingdoms and queendoms and everything that is good.Most Newarker’s are faith filled, sober minded, hard working, good and loving people.   Still, if you read some newspapers and watch television, the common portrayal of Newark is a scary, crime ridden, depressing, and mean place.  Again, we must admit that there are some folks around us who have surrendered themselves to all forms of evil and depravity.   These folks make a lot of noise and confusion and pain; but, thankfully, they are outnumbered. Think about it.  There may be one or two students in your class who act as if they do not want to learn. Almost daily, they try their best to disrupt the teacher’s instruction.  One child off task should not be allowed to steal valuable instruction time when fifteen scholars are prepared for learning.  They are outnumbered. Look around and grasp the beauty of Newark Vocational High School.  Nasir leads the flag salute.  Briana volleys the ball.  Djeny and Nari repair computers.  Terrell dunks the basketball.  Christopher makes connections between the poem and history lesson.  Joe completes the computation using his mind not a calculator.  Zaida easily explains the scientific terms to her classmates.  All of that is Love, Positivity, and BEAUTY.The students and families and teachers and staff that belong to the Newark Vocational High School community have the ability to create splendor and progress for ourselves and our city this school year.  In each and every moment, we have the power to create Peace, Love, Light, Hope and BEAUTY.Eagle Pride!!! Newark Vocational High School is headed “From Good to Great!”Love and Respect,Dr. Witcher   Child Study Team Members:Dr. Witcher, School PsychologistMs. Taylor, Social WorkerMr. Cadet. Social Worker

Share with Students: NJPAC Young Artist Institute & Jazz for Teens - Open Registration

Keeping Your Students Focused the Last Hour of the School Day

Student Athletics

One Newark - Enrollment Opens this Month Encourage students and familie to register!

Vision: One NewarkOne Newark is a community-wide agenda to ensure all students are in excellent schools and thriving communities and are on the path to excel in college and 21st century careers. Out of 100 schools in Newark, only about 20 are good. One Newark’s commitment is to ensure our children have 100 excellent schools.We will accomplish this through strategies around Excellence, Equity, and Efficiency.

The Health Corner - Ms. H Ahmad, School Nurse


#1 Take your child to the doctor for a physical exam and make sure vaccines are up to date.

#2 Keep emergency contact information current so that you can be reached quickly.

#3 Keep your child active, exercise helps avoid weight gain which can lead to other serious health problems.

#4 Talk to your school nurse about the recommended and required vaccines for your child.

#5 Make sure your child gets enough sleep in order to help them stay focused in the classroom.

#6 Talk to your school nurse/social worker about violence and bullying prevention.

#7 Encourage healthy eating habits so that your child makes good food choices and avoids junk food.

#8 Share your child’s mental health needs for prevention, early identification, intervention, and treatment options.

#9 Tell the school if you think your child has a serious or contagious disease, as some diseases can easily spread to others.

#10 Inform the school nurse if your child has a learning disability or a health condition that may may impact learning.