A Parents Worst Nighhtmare !

Is your child one of the many involved in drug abuse ?

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse - the habitual taking of addictive drugs-is an epidemic sweeping our nation especially in our youth. Effects of drug use include dependency on the drug, seizures, paranoia, violence, and even death. Parents need to be aware of how accessible drugs are and the tactics used by dealers to lure their young kids into trying and getting hooked on them.

Is that REALLY a mint ?

  • Illegal drugs known as "club drugs" such as ecstasy and LSD are now easily at the hands of our youth
  • Dealers have began to attract youth by dressing the drugs up with cartoon characters and popular logos
  • Drug dealers have also transformed the once injected, smoked, and snorted substances (cocaine, meth, and heroine) into pills disguised as harmless flavorful treats such as jolly ranchers, sweet tarts, and other candy to deceive kids.
  • Kids try these drugs oblivious to the true effects of them,
  • Meth has a 90% addiction rate

Prescription Drugs Wronfully Used

  • Abuse of prescription drugs have increased among teens
  • Between 1992 & 2003 prescription drug abuse of drugs such as Oxytocin, Vicodin, and Xanax have skyrocketed to 212% among youth

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