St. Vincent De Paul



St. Vincent De Paul was born on April 24, 1581 in Pouy, which is in Gascony, France. He was born to a family of relatively poor farmers. St. Vincent was kidnapped by pirates as a child. He worked with the poor because he felt pity for them. St. Vincent was a caring man who performed works of charity out of the goodness of his heart. In his early and late life he was very nice, caring man who and a huge heart towards everyone he meets. One thing that influenced him to be so caring towards the poor is because when he was a child he was part of a very poor family who were farmers and then he went to college. When he got out of college he remembered how poor he was and how he wished for wealth his whole life. Therefore, when he was young and had a head full of education he found out a way to help the poor.

He helped poor people by setting up missions in France. He set up a mission where laywomen could help, feed, and care for the sick and poor. These women aided him financially and their money helped him build hospitals for other poor people. When his roommate accused him of theft he did not defend himself because he wanted to be more like God. He was important to the poor and the sick because he built hospitals and hired women to help take care of them. He also tutored children. He encouraged people to bring food to and care for the sick and the dying in his sermons. One woman set aside money so that he could preach on a bigger scale and to more people. He influenced many young boys to become priests and monks. He was canonized because he was a nice person and helped and influenced many young people to help others and fulfill holy orders.

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Discovering our Saints - St Vincent de Paul


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