March Team Newsletter

(I think we need to come up with a team name ;)

Luck of the Stylish

Hi ladies, my goal is to communicate with my downline via newsletter monthly. Sometimes I need help remembering my commitments, please help me stay accountable and let me know if I have forgotten the monthly newsletter!

This month let's promote colour!!! Book in tight for March shows, for some of us, our jumpstart ends on Sunday!!

Here are the end dates for our jumpstarts:

March 9- Andrea, Amoreena & Kellie

March 21- Michelle

March 29- Angela

March 31- Sheryl

April 17- Amy

April 21- Patti

This team is doing amazing things! Here are some great things that happened during Jumpstart for all!


Andrea- $5892

Michelle- $3254


Patti- $2113

Kellie- $1437

Total jumpstart team sales: $15 835!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that impressive!!

We also earned a combined total of $2275 in free product credit!!! How are you going to spend yours???

Also congrats to Andrea for earning a $300 cash bonus (thanks Angela, Michelle and Patti for qualifying and earning your quick start bonuses!) and to Angela for earning a $100 cash bonus (for sponsoring Patti and Patti earning her quick start bonus!)

Our team may be young (as in new to this game!) but we are going places :)

I also wanted to let you know, I am adopting my new friend Amanda Green as part of our group. She is a sweet heart and just getting started, she needs our support so here we are! Amanda, if you could send me your monthly reports I can include you in our updates :)

I got to meet Danielle!!

Things I learned from Danielle....

The Rising Star training last week in Edmonton (was it really just last week??) was amazing and inspiring! I learned interesting things like:

  • Our stylists earn more than other party companies! (What are you using your blue card for??)
  • Even with our busy lives, we can do this!!
  • Trunk shows are the key to our success. Yes, trade shows are fun and a good way to meet new people, selling on the go is great for extra sales, but Trunk shows are our bread and butter. That's where your next hostess and stylist are hiding!
  • We need to get out of our comfort zones, pick up that phone, call that girl you met and she loved your necklace! (I SUCK at this!!!! I hate calling people, but so far, almost everytime I've done it, it has been POSITIVE!! and yes, that one negative was little awkward, but that's ok!)
  • It's ok for people to say no! You will hear no 10 times before you hear yes!
  • You are not being pushy if you think you are being pushy ;)
  • We all need a little help sometimes
  • MANAGE your time effectively
  • Facebook doesn't work. Yes it's good for posting images etc and warming up potential hostesses, but we can not rely on it as our sole communication.

So how am I going to manage my time? I'm busy, I think we all are. I'm also the type of person who has a hard time saying no (seriously, I had to see a counselor to help me with this!) and takes time to help people even when I don't really have the time. I sometimes have a hard time seeing that as a negative thing, but I have to change that thinking and see it in a more business way. I want to help you, I really do, but I need to set limits for myself. I have decided to make "office hours" where I will be available daily for you if you need me. You can email me, send me a message on facebook, or text me anytime, however, if it is Stella & Dot related, I will reply to those messages after 9pm. I know that isn't super helpful all the time, but that is the time I can commit to EVERYDAY, and I would rather be consistent than having to add another schedule to my overly scheduled life! If you have something that is imminent and you need help with right this very second, call or chat with customer service, they are fantastic and that's their day job :) If you need something when CS is closed, post on the Home Office facebook page, they are super awesome with getting in touch! I hope everyone can understand the need for this, with a down line of 7 stylists (8 if you included our adoptee), I need to make sure I am fair with everyone's time.

Also, I was told I need to stop lending my jewels :S This is the hardest one for me, of course I want to help you out with your display, but typically after the first or second show, your sponsor is supposed to take a step back and let you lead on your own (as well as making sure to keep my display optimal and my jewels in great shape). Now that you have all had at least 2 shows, you have earned some free product credits, use them to order some items from the spring or summer line :)


Who's stoked for Hoopla?? I am REALLY hoping I can make it. I know Heather says no excuses and it is super important for me to be there, BUT spending time with my dad (who had a triple bypass last month) is my #1 priority for the first 3 weeks of July this year. If I can manage to slip away to Orlando for a few days, I will try my darndest to be there. I am hoping to earn my trip through the Summer Splash promotion!! (that would be easier to explain to my parents lol) To do that, I need your help ;) Have you read all about our new promotion? If not, check out the info in the lounge.

Here are some images to help you with your bookings :) Remember to use your lounge and check in there often for news and updates.

Prizes Prizes Prizes!!!

Top sales for the next quarter will win the gorgeous Avalon Tote in Blush!! (So that's your sales for April, May, June)

Name our team!

Give me your suggestions for a team name, the winning submission wins a mosaic tile pouf!

This is how I feel about our team!!! GOOOOO US!!!!!!

Everything Is AWESOME!!! -- The LEGO® Movie -- Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island