Celebrate success

Hard work pays off

The Indian National Congress (ANC) began in 1885 and has been working for India's independence since then. It is now August 1947 and we have finally won our independence from Great Britain (there not so great anymore, literally)

India's party of a lifetime

Wednesday, Aug. 20th 1947 at 10:15am

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mumbai, MH

We decided to have the party in Mumbai near the bodies of water because what's a party without a swim

How its going to work

What? You are invited to celebrate the fact that India finally won their independence from Great Britain

Where? This celebration is going to be held in the great and beautiful city of Mumbai.

When? This event is going to be on August 20, 1947

Why? You should come and see this event because for the first time in forever, India is a free country and not under the rule of anybody

What to bring? We would love if you could bring a dish or 2 from our part of India so we could have a large range of variety in the food chose but nothing is necessary

R.S.V.P.? If you are willing to come to this party please contact our president of the Indian National Congress J. B. Kripalani at his phone number