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6 Word Memoir

Back at school, back to work.

Rules for my Dystopian Society

  1. No one attends school
  2. At age 18 you are given a job by the government
  3. Food is delivered to your house with no choices
  4. You can't leave the city limits
  5. The government controls everything on the television
  6. There are microphones and cameras in every house
  7. You have a uniform that you have to wear 24/7
  8. You are given a name by the government
  9. You must marry and have two kids by 40
  10. No cellphones
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Winston's Apartment

The above picture is a drawing of Winston's apartment. It has the rele screen that prod casts propaganda. On the left is the bookshelf where he can hide behind and not be seen by the government. On the right is his very small kitchen with one loaf of brown bread. In the cabinet is his victory gin.

Poem describing a character's internal conflict

Big Brother is watching me

I can't show them I have thoughts

Must write in my journal

Why 1984 matters?

The book 1984 should be included in a time capsule to be dug up in 100 years so that students can read about what people in the past were afraid our society would come too. They will read about how Winston and the rest of the people living in the book, could not have thoughts because it was threatening to the government. And also how they could not choose their jobs or who they married or when they had kids. Their entire lives were controlled by the government. In today's society we have freedoms for all of these things. But we take it for granted. So hopefully when people dig up time capsule they will read about it and be grateful for what they have. They will also make sure that they always have these freedoms. So that they can live their lives the way they want to and be happy. This matters in today's society because it allows people to understand the importance of having our own freedoms and being able to have thoughts. The people in the book do not understand how they are zombies to the government because they are brainwashed. They do not remember what life was like before the revolution so they have nothing to compare their society to. This is how the government keeps people from revolting. Also when people have too many thoughts, the government makes them disappear. It is important for futuristic society so that they don't allow the government to become as powerful as it is in 1984. If this book can be read in the future, then people will always be reminded of how our society should not become.

Rap about 1984

I live in a Dystopian society

Big brother is always watching me

The telescreen can see everything

I am careful of what I am doing

I write in my journal to get out my thoughts

I really hope I do not get caught

By the Thought Police because then

It would surely be my end

I have a new hiding place

Without Julia it would be a waste

We talk about things that are forbidden

When I'm with her, it's heaven