6th Grade Newsletter

12/3 - 12/7

Winter Weather Information


Please make sure that your children come to school dressed for the weather – winter coats, hats, gloves when necessary. During times of year that temperatures can be unpredictable, dressing in layers is preferable.


Safety is priority number one when making the determination to cancel school on any given day due to inclement weather. If snow, ice, or extreme cold make conditions unsafe, we will cancel school and add that day(s) to the end of the school year.


In the event of school cancellation, we will get that information to you as early as possible through automated phone calls and text messages, our District website, Facebook, Twitter, the District Hotline (816-858-2752), and local media.

Y Club

If we cancel school, our school-age child care programs generally will remain open for those families that are already signed up through YMCA (www.kansascityymca.org). School sites where child care is offered are consolidated so all children enrolled in the program at Compass, Siegrist, and Pathfinder will report to Pathfinder.

Have you Opted In to Receive Text Notifications from PCR-3?

School Messenger is our automated phone calling and text notification system. We use this system to notify parents quickly for sudden changes in schedules due to emergencies, school cancellations, or just important school announcements.

If you aren't receiving the District's text reminders and notifications and would like to opt-in to receive these, simply text "YES" to 67587. Standard text messaging rates apply.

Core Studies


This week, we have started our Mini-Research Unit about Conspiracy Theories. During this time, students will be practicing skills needed to succeed in Debates. They are learning how to find credible sources, navigate databases, determine a fact from an opinion, and, the most important, manage their time with their group.

I have a lot of students and groups really excited about their Conspiracy Theory and we are having lots of fun! Their project will due next week on Friday, December 14th.

This is also a friendly reminder that the quarter is quickly coming to a close. AR Goals for 2nd Quarter will be due on December 19th. Please make sure your student is working hard to meet their AR Goal by then! I have several students who have already made their goal and many who are also very close. Much better success than 1st Quarter!


This week in Science we have been focusing on our Plate Tectonics Project. The kids had a choice for this individual project. Some of the most popular choices were making models of the plate boundaries with Play-Doh, making a Google Slides presentation about the boundaries, making a poster with information about the plate movements, and creating a Kahoot. The kids had three full class days to work on their projects. They are due Monday, December 10th when they walk in the room (no additional class time will be given). There will be a Plate Tectonics quiz on Wednesday, December 12th.

We have had some donations for our Incentive Day gingerbread houses, but we could always use more. If you could donate any of the following items it would be greatly appreciated: peppermint disks, licorice ropes, icing, graham crackers, gumdrops, Hershey Kisses. Thank you for your support!


We are continuing our work through the world of algebraic expressions. We are currently discovering how to make equivalent expressions using different math properties we have always used in the past (commutative property, for example). We will be expanding equivalent expressions to include combining like terms next week.

Homework will be given next Monday and Wednesday night.

The Topic 3 Unit Assessment will be on Tuesday, December 18th.

Social Studies

This week we focused on the government, economy, history, and culture of Canada. The students are working on making a timeline of the major Canadian historic events as a group project.

The Canada Unit Assessment will be next Friday, December 14th. Stay tuned for a study guide and online tools to assist your child with preparation for this assessment.


Pre-Algebra tested over Ratios, Rates, and Proportions this past week. They (as a whole) did incredibly well with over half the students getting As! I was so excited for them!

They then started a new unit over Percents, Fractions, and Decimals today. That test will not be until after Winter Break.

All retakes from this quarter are due by December 18th.



6th-grade band concert Wednesday, December 12 at 6:30 PM. Students should be practicing their music for the concert every night! Attendance is NOT optional. Students need to be here at 6 PM.

The concert is open to the public, but family and friends are highly encouraged. Support our students and all the hard work they put in!


This is a quick reminder that our Barry Winter Choir Concert is next week!

The official date of the concert is next Thursday, December 13th @ 6:30 p.m. in the Barry School gymnasium. It will last until approximately 7:00-7:15 p.m. This concert is a mandatory event and is a large portion of their choir grade. In order for students to receive full credit, they must be on time and stay for the entire concert.
***All choir students must be at Barry, in the choir room, no later than 6:00 p.m. on the night of the concert.

Concert Dress
Boys: Nice pants; black, khaki, navy, grey, etc. (preferably no blue jeans or whitewash jeans, please), a black or white shirt/polo/button down, and neutral colored shoes.

Girls: Black, white, or grey dress OR skirt OR pants (leggings may be worn if worn with a longer top or with a dress), a black or white top, and neutral colored shoes.

Please let Miss Rolls know if you have any questions.


We have been playing Lacrosse this week. It's fun to watch our students try something they aren't very familiar with and see the joy on their faces as they improve their skills throughout the unit.

We will start basketball next week and that will take us up to winter break.

Coach Baker

Applied Technology

Students are practicing measuring and using both the US Customary and Metric system to create a floor skimmer. If all measurements and folds are precise, it will fly across the floor.

World Language

This week we continued learning French Vocabulary. We learned a greetings song, and we wrote a dialogue in French. We learned French numbers 1-10 and began to learn French color words.


If your student is in 5th-hour Flex or 7th-hour Flex, they should have chosen and have been placed in their FPC for the semester. They should have also sent an email to you with their next week's schedule for 5th or 7th hour.

Please read your student's email to keep up to date with their FPC progress and their weekly schedules. If you did not receive an email from your student, please make sure they know your email so they can email you with important information.

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  1. Make sure your student is reading at LEAST 20 minutes every day to meet their AR Goal for 2nd Quarter! AR Goals are due December 19th!
  2. Make sure your student is practicing their instrument at LEAST 15-20 minutes every day for band class.\
  3. December 12th is a PLC Day. Students will be released 2 hours early (12:50 pm).
  4. Barry PTSA Color Battle has been postponed and will occur next year in April sometime. Reminders will be sent when the time comes closer.