Does Your Show Look Sharp Enough?

why YOUR videographer needs to offer Blu-ray

What's the big deal with Blu-ray?

In honor of Cyber Monday, we thought we'd tackle a technical topic and discuss the technology behind your show video... and why it should matter to you.
  • Does your videographer offer your dance show or theater production on high-definition Blu-ray?
We do! And here are 4 reasons why more directors and parents are choosing the high-def option for their shows.
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It's Sharper

Simply put, watching a Blu-ray is easier on the eyes than watching standard DVD. The picture contains 6 times more visual information, which means your show plays back with more dimension, more detail, and a more color depth than if you were to watch it on standard DVD. Wanna see that crystal clear smile? Offer your show on Blu-ray!

It's Truer to Life

SharpShooters Video shoots with high-definition cameras, so when you watch your show on Blu-ray, you're seeing the full visual impact of the show as it was recorded. With DVD, on the other hand, the picture has to be down-graded to standard-definition, so you're losing some of the clarity and smooth motion that makes the video look like real life.

It's Tougher (Toddler-Proof!)

We're parents - we get it. If your video library looks like ours at home, peanut butter fingerprints and scratches are not hard to find. The good news about Blu-ray is the discs have a TDK hard coat on the surface that makes them more resistant to damage compared to DVDs. That means those lifetime memories can survive the younger siblings!

It's High-Def at Home

Most parents are now used to watching only the high-definition TV channels at home and online, so why get a keepsake that's any less quality? Give your parents the Blu-ray option. They can get that sharper, truer, tougher show video for just $5 more compared to DVD.

NOTE: The biggest reason parents DON'T opt for Blu-ray is because the discs can only play on Blu-ray players and computers with Blu-ray compatible drives. Great Blu-ray players are now selling for just $50, though!

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