Concentration Camps

Questions Answered

Who were held and why they were held in the camps? How may Camps there were?

Those who were held there were Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, German Communists, Socialists, Social Democrats, Roma a.k.a Gypsies, homosexuals, and people accused of asocial behavior. They were held there for many mass murders and to be starved to death. There were estimated to be 20,000 concentration camps.

How long were they held there and how many were held at the camps? How were they treated and were they treated as equals?

Millions and millions of people were held they between the years of 1933 -1945. Those who were in the camps were treated very bad. For the most part they were treated equally except that Jehovah's Witnesses were given the opportunity to renounce their faith. Besides that everything else was equal in some sense.

What were they fed and were they cramped? How were conditions in the camps and what happened there?

Those in the camps were fed a very, very little of water and bread. On some days they were not fed at all. Those prisoners were living in very cramped spaces with up to 25 people in one space. The conditions in the camps were horrid. The camps were dirty and smelt like death from all the people dying. What happened there was not good. Many got beat to death, some got there head cut of and some were shot to death, and many were starved to death.

Who sent the prisoners there and where were the camps located? Who was in charge at the time? Were the prisoners burned in the camps?

The camps were located all over Germany.There was also concentration camps in France and Poland. The prisoners were sent by Hitler who was the in charge of Germany at the time. At some concentration camps or known as killing centers some of the prisoners were not burned but gassed in mobile gas vans. Some time later camps at gas chambers and at some camps there were four gas chambers. There were up to six thousand Jews gassed everyday.

Did they have outside contact ? Did Jehovah's Witnesses get their publications? Were people born there?

Those at the concentration camps did have contact with outsiders. That is how Jehovah's Witnesses got their publications. One witness would meet the outsider and get the publications and then others would copy them by hand in much smaller sizes and they were sewn onto garments or hid in secret places. Yes there were people born in those horrid horrible concentration camps.

How did the camps end? Who survived the concentration camps?

The concentration camps ended when Hitler and Nazi rule ended. Those who survived were a small fraction because many of the prisoners were either murdered or they starved to death.