Fantasy Football League

2013 Fantasy Football Season

This year we are looking for 12 members for our 2nd Annual NUVA Quality Fantasy Football League.  As opposed to last year, this years draft order will be selected completely out of our control.  The winnings are divided among the top 3 finishers.RULES:Entry fee is $25.00.  Fee is to be paid prior to draft (no exceptions). Total prize pool will be $300.00. 1st place gets $200.00 2nd place gets $75.00 and 3rd place gets $50.00 The draft will be done live at either Nuvasive or Buffalo Wild Wings in Southaven (whichever is more convenient to everyone), which means no auto picking this year.  If you agree to show up to the draft and don't show, your team will be picked for you by committee vote.  The draft order will be decided this way:  In a box, the names of all NASCAR racers will be included that are racing in the Saturday August 24th race in Bristol.  We each will take turns pulling a name from the box with that driver being assigned to us.  At the end of the race, the person who has the driver that finished in the highest position will get first pick, the person with the driver who finished next

The Draft