Real World Application



You could especially use these skills in Math and Science. Math you can use spread sheets to organize your data. Science you can use graphs and tables to analyze information for an experiment. You could make a presentation for a class.


When I grow up I want to become a meteorologist. With that job you need to know how to work a computer and know how to use charts. You need to understand the important parts of how a computer works to be able to track weather.

A lot of jobs are jobs that you work on the computer all day. With theses skills you would have education about computers and different programs. It would make work a lot easier.


I know in my life I use computers everyday. They are very important if you want to be organized. I use Microsoft for placing pictures and printing them. I often make lists some of them like a grocery list or a list of what needs to be done around the house. If I want to set a goal for myself then I use a graph to analyze my progress.