The pird

By Madison James

Pirds enviroment

Welcome to the land of the amazing pird. A pird is a creature that has a face of a pig and body of a bird. Its habitat is in the rainforest where it isn't to hot or to cold the tempature is in the middle.

For my pird to get from place to place it flys because it is a type of bird. The pird eats diffrent types of berries they find near or by their habitat. They get there fresh water resource from the stream that they have nearby in their rain forest. To not get eaten by predators a pird lives in a very special type of nest which will attack incoming preadators. My creature has to tap their foot on a spot in their nest and when the preadtor comes near the nest closes over the pird in like a trap and the predators will get hurt. The other type of animals that live in the ecosystems are monkies,other birds,turtles and little bugs My pird has a little bit of emotion but when they get angry the lose a feather or it will fall off. When they migrate they go to the continent of Europe . To migrate they have to travel in a certain formation which is the letter p. Pirds will never fall behind. This is a school project this animal is not real.

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