Jag News

March 31, 2023

Blue Valley Schools

Important Upcoming Events

4/3: 5th grade KAP testing

4/4: Author visit for grades K-2

4/4: 5th grade KAP testing

4/5: Chess Club (grades 3-5) sign-up here, only 24 spots available

4/5: PTO Dine-out @ Culvers

4/12: 3rd grade KAP testing

4/12: Chess Club (grades K-2) sign-up here, only 24 spots available

4/13: 3rd grade KAPT testing

4/14: No School for Current Kindergartners

4/14: Kindergarten Round-up for Incoming Kindergarteners

4/14: PTO Trivia Night, click here to purchase tickets

4/16: PTO Dine-out @ Yogurtini

4/17: 3rd grade KAP testing

4/18: 3rd grade KAP testing

4/19: 4th grade KAP testing

4/19: Chess Club (grades 3-5) sign-up here, only 24 spots available

4/20: 4th grade KAP testing

4/21: Spirit Day! Wear Green for Earth Day

4/21: School-wide Earth Day Picnic (more info shared later)

4/24: No School for Students, Professional Learning for Teachers

4/25: 4th grade KAP testing

4/26: Chess Club (grades K-2) sign-up here, only 24 spots available

4/26: PTO Skate Party @ Skate City, 6-8pm

4/27: 4th grade KAP testing

4/27: 2nd grade Pen Pal Field Trip

4/27: 5th Grade Musical @ 6:30pm

Note from Heartland Nurses

IT’S SPRING! The birds are chirping, the trees are blooming. The pollen count is really high this spring. If your child takes allergy medicine please remember to start them on it routinely. Thank you for helping us keep HRT healthy!!!!

Last announced for 2022-23 school year

As we begin the fourth quarter, the district has determined the last day of school for students for 2022-23. The last week of school will occur as published, assuming there are no unforeseen circumstances causing us to cancel school. This means staff and families can plan on the last day for students in grades K-11 will be a half-day on May 26. Students in the early childhood programs will have their last day on May 25.

High school finals will occur May 24 – 26 with building principals communicating the specific schedules to their school families and students at a later date. For more information, or to subscribe to the district calendar, visit www.bluevalleyk12.org/calendar.

Volunteers Needed for Trivia Night

It's trivia time! We'd love to have a few extra hands for set up/take down + volunteering during the event. Please view the Sign Up Genius link here if you're available/interested in helping.
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The Blue Valley Educational Foundation generously funded a grant for the Elementary School Counselors in the Blue Valley School District to host a FREE screening of the movie Screenagers with a discussion to follow. Our goal is for parents to feel more confident and better equipped to establish balance around screen time after this event.

Screenagers is a documentary about the impact of the digital age on children and how to help families minimize harmful effects and find balance. Screenagers is the first feature documentary to explore the impact of screen technology on kids and offer parents and families proven solutions that work. This includes a roadmap for introducing your kids to smartphones and social media, and time for parents to interact about challenges they are facing — no matter what age or stage your kid is at in the process. The content is designed for adults only, but will give you practical ways you can talk to your kids about this topic.

Click here for the MOVIE TRAILER!

Stay tuned for registration information.

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Blue Valley Summer Explorations Enrollment now Open

Looking to add a little STEAM to your summer? Try out our “STEAMing into Summer” course. Are you interested in designing games? Sign up for “Game On” and challenge yourself to a new game. These are just a few examples of the array of opportunities available through Blue Valley’s Summer Explorations program, designed to engage students in learning through hands-on experiences and lots of fun. Enrollment for the one-week sessions will begin at 8 a.m. March 20 and remain open until 4 p.m. April 3. All summer programs take place in person unless otherwise noted. For more information about the Summer Explorations program, visit www.bluevalleyk12.org/summerprograms.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Education Opportunity for Parent and Guardians

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Chess Club Information

Sign ups for Chess Club is in the "Important Upcoming Events" section of the Jag News. You must sign up your child for each session they want to attend. There is a limit to 24 participants for each class. You will receive a confirmation email from "Sign up Genius" as well as a confirmation email from Dr. Sauceda the day before the session. If your child is not signed up for the session by noon the day prior to the session, he/she can not stay for Chess Club. Thank you!

Heartland Neighborhood Babysitters

Click here for a list of local babysitting options. Click here to add to the list.

Heartland Family Owned Businesses

Click here for a list of Heartland Family Owned Businesses. Click here to add to the list.

Birthday Book Club News

Thank you to all families who donated to Heartland Library’s Birthday Book Club. Your donation helps to library to purchase new library books for all students to read and enjoy. Not familiar with our program? Read below for more information.

Students at Heartland have a wonderful way to have their special day recognized for years to come. Our library’s Birthday Book Club is available to students in all grades. By donating $15 to the Library Media Center, your child will be able to choose a special book to be placed in our library collection and be the first student to read the new book.

Here’s how it works. Prior to your child’s birthday, he/she can come to the library and select a Birthday Book from our cart of brand new books in all different genres. A nameplate will be placed in the front of the book and your child’s picture will be taken and displayed with the book in the library. This program is optional but it does provide our library with exciting new titles throughout the school year. The average cost of a library bound book is $17.30!

You can make your donation anytime during the year by paying through this Heartland link: https://bvpo.bluevalleyk12.org or send in a check made payable to Heartland Elementary to the front office.

Nut-Safer Snacks at Heartland

Daily Snacks: Thank you for your support of our nut-safer snack plan at HRT. As a reminder: we ask that ALL daily snacks (i.e. snack time) for ALL students must come from the nut-safer food list as we have a significant number of students with life-threatening nut allergies. (click below for the link) If a student’s snack is not from this approved list, it will be sent home (and an alternate snack will be provided the first time) so we can help increase the safety for our students as a whole. Our continued focus this year, as an entire school, is to remain consistent on the daily snacks for student snack time in the classrooms—following the nut-safer list.

Please click HERE to access the Nut-Safer food list.

Birthday Treats at Heartland

Heartland Elementary’s policy for birthday treats prohibits students and parents from bringing birthdays treats from home—edible or non-edible. This is due to several factors including health, safety, and the preservation of instructional time. Birthdays are a special time for each child and as such, the school will provide recognition throughout the day and throughout the school through announcements, birthday book club from the library, classroom celebration routines, and more. If birthday treats are sent to school during the 2022-23 school year, they will not be distributed and will be sent home. Also, if you send it invitations to birthday parties, please include all students in the class, or they will not be distributed. Thank you for understanding and complying to this policy.

Volunteer Hours - Keep Track on PTO Website

Thank you for volunteering and taking the time to record your volunteer hours. Please don't enter hours volunteered in WHRT, Safety Patrol, or Heartland Helpers. Those hours will be entered by the school. In addition, though we appreciate all hours parents volunteer, only students are eligible for awards and therefore, their hours are the only ones needed to be entered here.

Once again, thank you. The time that you have given is appreciated. Click here to record student hours. Students will be recognized in May 2023.