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dear jesus:

i have an issue. my issue is that everyone is always hacking into my computer at the office and at home. I have tried everything to protect my work and personal files. I have changed my password from 98765 to 12345 but nothing they still get in. please please pleas help me.

dumb-nut with 12345 as their


dear dumb-nut with password 12345 as their password:

Im sorry to hear that Ur files are unprotected but really you should just get a password that isn't a numerical password, and second of all get some protection for you computers. set up a firewall and some antivirus software you will be much safer with them set up on your computers. Next don't tell people your password i know that's kinda obvious but come on man your dumb enough to put 12345 as you password.


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a must see movie of the year of 3035

Brain jack has sky rocketed to the number one movie on the charts. its filled with action, science, technology, and just a hint of romance. its gotten thousands of great reviews. the main character of brain jack Sam Wilson is asked to join the cyber defense division. his life takes a turn, he has to stop hackers from destroying our world. watch this this science and action pack movie to find out what happens. click here to find a theater near you.

The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life.

-John F. Kennedy

Neuro headset making people loose weight!!!

Its official Neuro headsets are making people loose weight. Why else is everybody wearing them everywhere. there have been reports from people that after wearing the Neuro headset for a week they have lost about 10-15 pounds. is int that amazing we have made something so ingenious that at the same time you can use it to control your computer it also gives you a brain work out. (ha get it) no more having to pay for a gym membership my friends, just wear a Neuro headset for a week and you will begin to see results!!
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