Audubon Gazette

December 12, 2016 Vol: 7


We’re happy to see so many students in school, ready to learn! We want to reinforce the importance of school attendance. This is a tough time of year as everyone is dealing with some sort of illness. Please keep these simple suggestions in mind to help your child stay as healthy as possible during cold and flu season!

Eat healthy and don’t forget that your brain needs fuel! Eat breakfast!

Get your body moving! Participate in gym, recess and after school activities!

Sleep! Adeuquate rest will help you learn and retain all the information you are learning at school!

Turn off all your electronic devises as least 1 hour before bed! The screen from your computer, phone, or television can actually stimulate your brain so much that makes it harder for you to fall asleep!

Happy Holidays and here’s to a healthy 2016!

Meet Audubon Teachers

Technology Message to Parents from the DCSD

Are you at a loss for keeping up with your child’s use of technology? Let common sense media be your guide. Common sense media offers a wide range of resources not only for schools and teachers, but also for parents. There’s an entire section dedicated to Parent Concerns. Topics include screen time, privacy and internet safety, Facebook, Instagram, and Social, Cell Phone Parenting, and let’s not forget, Learning with Technology!

“Learn how to spot the good stuff, find the right product for your kids’ needs, and foster a love of learning.” Topics are broken into Preschoolers (2-4), Little Kids (5-7), Big Kids (8-9), and Tweens (10-12). Check out the Top Common Core Games and Apps to “find grade-specific tools, tips, and ideas to boost kids’ grasp of Common Core standards outside the classroom.” Are you considering getting your child a cell phone? Be sure to read article under Cell Phone Parenting section, entitled, “What’s the right age to get my kid a cell phone?” And learn what can you do as a parent if your kid texts constantly. Finally, learn about your child’s digital footprint by evaluating whether or not it is safe to post pictures of your kid online.

Check out Common Sense Media to help you guide your child to make good digital decisions!

Holiday Concert Schedule

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Thank you

A big thank you to Hope Church for donating 3, 800 books to Audubon students. Students were so excited to pick out 6 books to take home!

Winter Playground Guidelines

1. The playground supervisor has the right/responsibility to alter the activities/expectations if safety is a concern.

2. Any change in activities/expectations that the supervisor makes should be accepted and followed.

3. No pushing, sliding, tripping, or wrestling at any time.

4. No throwing snowballs, ice, or snow.

5. Rubber or other types of boots must be worn outside in order to play off the blacktop. Students wearing classroom shoes outside will not be permitted off the blacktop and may have to stand near the entrance door if the condition of the blacktop is such that boots are necessary. Students who wear hiking boots must have a change of shoes to wear in the classroom. Boots are to be worn whenever there is ice, mud, snow, or water on the playground.

6. If a student has boots but no snow pants, they may still go off the blacktop but should refrain from rolling around or lying in the snow. The supervisor may require students to stay on the blacktop if this becomes a problem.

7. Before coming into the building, stomp snow off shoes and boots and brush off all clothing.

The Top Walk-a-thon Fundraisers Enjoyed Lunch at Pizza Hut!

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Dental Screenings

Thank you Visiting Nurses Association for providing dental screenings to our second and third graders. As you can tell, our students enjoyed the TLC they received! A special thanks goes out to all of the volunteers who made this event possible.