Meso America Brochure

By: Jeremiah Russell


The Mayans came from Central America. They also had a system, and the system went like this, Kings, Nobles, peasants, and slaves. For the Mayans art and buildings, they used wood, bark, feathers, and gourds. With those little items, they made crafts like clay pots, sculptures, jade work, pyramid signs, and carved stone slabs. Their language and writing are pictures called glyphs, they also had a bark paperback books called a codex


The Incas were the largest empire extended 2,500 miles. They came from all over the world Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. Their art and buildings are Machu and Picchu. They had lots of gold in their paintings as well. For their farming, they used Terraced farming.


The Aztecs has 3 different classes for their civilization. They were experts at farming and fighting. Some art was, they made calendars so they could track their farming and religious activities. Some of their language and writing are, They call their books Codices, They draw floating islands and food.

Farming from Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs

The Mayans grew corn, holy corn, maze, canals, and they also used slash and burn, cut the grass then burned it. Incas just used terraced farming to get their crops and everything. The Aztecs has big gardens and, squash, lakes, chinampas, and floating gardens.

Inventions of the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs

The Mayans invented glyphs and a bunch of symbols, that was like their alphabet. Incas inventions were bridges, suspension bridges. Aztecs, Big stone structures and carved stone plates

Traditions of the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs

Mayans had a traditional zero to twenty ball game. Incas had a traditional Festa worshiping their gods. The Aztecs had a ceremony every year for their tradition.