Come To Canada!

We Have Lots of lands for lots of people!

We Have new opportunity for new people!

Over Here in Canada Your able To get jobs, and go to school to get education.

We also have lots of land for Farmers if your interested in Farming.We also Have great homes for people, Some houses you can buy and its yours and some you can rent for as long as you want. We have free health CARE! Lastly We have Something most places don't got and that's freedom!

This is How to get into Canada

Things you need to do to get into Canada

First when you come to canada you will need to do a test with questions like what work experience do you have, What factors in your background will help you adapt to life in canada.Then Next you would need to complete a formal application and submit it to citizenship and immigration Canada, pay an application fee, pass a medical exam that shows you don't have a illness that would endanger canadians or strain Canada's health care system. Lastly you would need to pass a security check that shows you have no criminal record and are not a security risk to canada.