Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Written by Daniel Fitch

The Great Classical Composer

Mozart is famous in the musical world because he is one of the most recognized and praised classical musicians ever. His pieces are still played constantly played today. He inspired many other greats including Beethoven.
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Mozart depicted as he was as a child.

Early Life

Mozart had an eventful childhood. Being born in Salzburg Austria on 1/27/1756, he was thought music by his father and sister when he was very young. The way his father thought was fun but also very productive. The instruments he could play skillfully at that age were the piano, violin, and clarinet. His first tour was when he was six.
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Musical Accomplishments

Considering he wrote over 600 pieces he had many musical accmplishments. One of the most reconized songs, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" was written by him. Also considered to be the most played opra of all time was "Marriage of Fisaro" also written by Mozart. In total he wrote 41 symphonies and 22 operas.

Later Life

As Mozart grew older he ran into financial issues. All his money was gone. But this problem didn't stop him from associating with democrats and the high class. He died young at 35 from a fever on 12/5/1791. Some people thought that Mozart would have a funeral and a great gravestone like the high class did, this didn't happen, though. He didn't have a funeral and was buried like a common person.


Mozart was, and always will be, one of the best best musicians ever. He has pieces that we still recognize today. He influenced many other people too. Over 200 years after his death, he is still a part of music.