Foods in mandarin

The healthy foods are shrimp, fish, broccoli, fruits, milk, beans, fish eggs and sushi.These are some of the healthy foods in mandarin. The food groups in mandarin are fruits and vegetables , milk and alternatives, meat and alternatives and grains. These are the food groups in mandarin.

Mandarin Restaurants - "Sage" Commercial

Our Slogan!!!!!!!!!!

Our slogan is Why Eat Somewhere Else When You Got Mandarin.
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The Promotion

This meal is healthy because it has salad, chicken, oranges,cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. You should order this item because of all these healthy foods.the food groups in this meal are, fruits and vegetables,meat. These are the food groups in this meal. This food is healthy because of the food inside the salad and the food groups.

The Serving Sizes

The serving sizes for the chicken is one quarter. for the Lettuce it is half .for the fruit it is also one quarter. same with the tomatoes. The cucumbers are also one quarter of the salad. These are the serving sizes for the salad.