Rules for Parents

By Harkeerat Dhaliwal

Rule #1

Parents shouldn't text and drive because they can get into serious accidents and get distracted from driving. It could cause serious damage to your body or have a chance of death. You could also, hit a kid that was playing on the streey

Don't Text and Drive

Rule #2

Parent should be careful what they post on social media. They don't know that when you delete something it never gets deleted. It stays in the phone and other people can view it by hacking your device . Sometimes they could blackmail you.

Be careful what you post online

Be careful of what you post online

Rule #3

Parents should not download internet scams because they could put viruses into your computer. Also sometimes people may call you and say I'll give you a million dollars and give me your credit card number and I'll put it in your bank.
Internet's Biggest SCAMS! - Tom's Top 5

Rule #4

If parents have a web cam they should cover it up. They should do that because Malware a type of internet fraud. They can get your password and transmit private information. They can take control your pictures and put it on facebook or twitter. It could turn into cyber bullying.

Rule #5

Parents should be careful when they buy something online it could be a purchase fraud they try to take the money and give back something like a shirt or maybe sometimes a brick. Example The Nigerian scam also known as 419. They send you a email like this:From: XXXXXX XXXXXX [] Sent: Saturday, October 1, 2005 11:35 AM Subject: International order enquiry

Goodday Sales, This is XXXXXX XXXXXXX and I will like to place an order for some products in your store, But before I proceed with listing my requirements, I will like to know if you accept credit card and can ship internationally to Lagos, Nigeria. Could you get back to me with your website so as to forward you the list of my requirements as soon as possible.

Regards, Chris Onyekachi Avecon Limited Inc 6540 Ne 18th Ave Apt 303 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334-5154 United States

Rule #6

Some parents when they are making a facebook account they sometimes post too much information. This could lead to blackmailing or theft. They could find you anywhere in the world with just a click of a button.

Rule #7

Identity theft is very bad. Online theives can steal your identity and use it for other things that you didn't do. Like someone finds out your credit cards number and makes a fake card. Then they use your money to buy stuff.

Rule #8

When you are using a computer on the go like at the library and a internet cafe it is very dangerous. However when you are using someone else's computer you are at the mercy of their security settings and any viruses or other malware that has been downloaded

Rule #9

Don't place sensitive info on your social media profiles. Example date of birth, place of birth, etc. People can apply for credit cards etc. using details in your name.

Rule #10

Phishing is a common trick used on websites that have been hacked or are pretending to be legitimate. PayPal and eBay are two of the most common targets for phishing scams.Popular social networking sites such as Facebook are targets for scams.
Symantec Guide to Scary Internet Stuff - Phishing