The Vaping Issue

Special Principal’s Newsletter

Greetings Thomas Families-

I wanted to take advantage of a shortened school week with few updates to discuss an issue that continues to be a problem at Thomas High School and across the country. Vaping use is on the rise in the US, NYS, Monroe County, and in local high schools. In our 2017 Youth At Risk Behavior Survey, 13% of our students admitted trying traditional cigarettes at least once in their lifetime. However, 43% of our students said they tried e-cigarettes and/or other vaping devices at least once.

For those of you who are unaware, electronic cigarettes are devices that utilize stored electricity to heat a liquid into vapors, which are then inhaled by the user. The liquid can be anything from a flavored water-type mixture, to high concentrations of liquid nicotine and/or THC, the principle active element of marijuana. Vaping devices present many new dangers for students and others around them.

Vapes are obtained in a variety of ways. Students give, sell and trade vapes to/with each other on a regular basis. Some students are obtaining vaping devices by purchasing them on-line with prepaid credit cards. Students with access to a prepaid credit card and the internet, regardless of age, can order a vaping device. AS WITH ALL ISSUES RELATED TO CHEMICAL ABUSE, PLEASE TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT VAPES AND THE UNFORESEEN DANGERS OF CARCINOGENS AND ADDICTIONS to NICOTINE THAT CAN RESULT FROM VAPING!

TOPICS Covered:

• What are e-cigs, vapes, and Juuls?

• How do they work and what do they look like/smell like?

• Vaping by the numbers – How many teens are vaping on a regular basis?

• How do kids obtain vapes and vape products?

• What are dabs?

• What is vapewear, vape juice, and Juulpods?

• What are the dangers associated with vaping when it comes to Nicotine and THC?

• Popular products marketed to teens – edible foods, flavored juice, and so much more!

• School Policies on Vaping and Vape Devices.

Official School Regulations

For purposes of school and school grounds, e-cigarettes and all vaping devices are prohibited by NYS law on school grounds. Students, or any individual, are NOT allowed to possess or use vaping devices or vaping juices on school grounds. This is outlined in detail on the school website in regulation 5201.

Consequences for violations are harsh as all vaping devices are considered to be drug paraphernalia. Students caught using or possessing Vaping devices or vaping juices containing illegal substances may be subjected to a superintendent’s hearing and long term suspension.

Resources at school...

Webster High Schools are fortunate to have trained chemical abuse prevention counselors on staff. Do you have questions or concerns? Please reach out to one of our school social workers Judi Swanson at 670-8061 (email at or Sue Thompson at 670-8059 (email at

“Want to quit? Contact the New York State Smokers’ Quit line at 1-866-NY-QUITS (1-866-697-8487) or visit

What does the Surgeon General Say?

JUUL Devices – What you need to know!


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Juuls: hidden in plain sight

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Click on this article for more information on JUUL devices and what they look like. More and more kids are purchasing these devices on-line and getting addicted to nicotine very quickly.

Safe Schools Helpline Information

If you have concerns or questions, consider talking to your school counselor at 670-0811, pediatrician, and/or the Safe Schools Helpline at 1-800-418-6423

The Safe Schools Helpline was designed to help prevent any situation that may jeopardize the safety of our schools, students, staff or school community. The Safe Schools Helpline is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Helpline is anonymous to protect your privacy and enhance the likelihood that you or others will report dangerous circumstances, especially after school hours or on the weekends when school staff might not be available.

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You may also submit an anonymous report via text by messaging 66746 and then typing “TIPS” to begin the reporting process or through the Safe School website at: