Sipley School Weekly Howl

Week of Monday, September 19, 2016

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Principal Kafele Reminds Us To Ask Ourselves

  • Who are you?
  • What are you about?
  • What is your most recent evidence?

Changing the Attitude Gap

It has been a joy to engage in dialogue during our book study and in those more informal discussions with staff members. I can see many embracing the attitudes and dispositions that Principal Kafele describes in his well written book. At this point, we have read the book. Next week, during our mid-day collaboration on Tuesday and Wednesday, be prepared to talk about elements of our school that we need to focus more on and new ideas that we want to begin to highlight, stemming from the book.

Staff talked about student goals, classroom goals, grade level goals, and building goals. What ideas do we have?

Staff talked about our mission and vision and perhaps it is more powerful to rally around a mantra that everyone can relate to. What ideas do we have?

Questions that I have written that we may want Principal Kafele to address:

  1. How do we help students remove their mask?
  2. How do we unleash the will to succeed?
  3. How do we help students change their thoughts and actions?

Are there other questions?

I look forward to our discussion!

Data Review

A reminder that all data review meetings will be 1-1. Teachers need to bring something to write on and write with. I will have the reports that I shared out. We will review the reports. The following topics will be discussed for which you can prepare for:

  1. How is the year starting out for you? What are your celebrations? What are your challenges?

  2. Review of DEB placements in grades K-4.

  3. I will work to ensure that individuals have an understanding of expected growth categories and where our students fall, or develop that understanding with individuals.

  4. Teachers should be able to share their plan for growth to move students in the low growth category up into the expected growth category? How will you monitor their growth to determine if what you are doing is effective?

  5. What is your plan for keeping students in the expected growth and higher than expected growth categories they are in and moving some who are making expected growth to the high growth category?

  6. What can I do to support you and your student’s growth?

Our New Schedule Begins This Week!

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A Glance at the Week Ahead

All PLC Times and Data Review Times were sent

Monday - ALL STAFF Monday Meeting

Tuesday - Brittany Kraft Parent Night

Wednesday - Anna Hottman's Birthday!!!

Wednesday - STP Meeting

Thursday - I will be out of the building - Oral Surgery

Thursday - Mentor Meeting (Category "A" Teachers ONLY)

Thursday - Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee Meeting - JJHS - 6:00 - Consider Attending!

Friday - Principal Kafele will be at Sipley in the morning. Arrive early, please. Refer to the Schedule sent by Mr. Wolcott for the afternoon.

Saturday - Kathy Siran's Birthday!!!

Monday, September 26 - Board Meeting - Kindergartners will lead the Pledge!

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