Ir? Oh yeah.

Iridescent and wonderfully irregular!

Why Ir?

Everyone loves words with the prefix ir, why not you? Ir rolls off your tongue with the most fabulous off sounds, and and is as beautiful as calligraphy on paper. It shines in the sun with the same beautiful iridescence of your eyes. Excellence.

What's so great?

Ir is always before R. Without ir, you can't have fun, irrelevant tv shows, movies, games, trips, dreams, purses, and much more! Ir can alter almost any word to fit your purposes! For example, your teenager leaves his backpack at home. You have to chew him out. "You are so.... Responsible?" Tsk tsk. With ir, this can easily become, "you are so irresponsible!" See? With ir, you can change rational to irrational, relevant to irrelevant, and regular to irregular!
Ir is better! Every mother is getting one! Don't be mundane. Be bold! Ir can create so many more words than Fic or In! Have some fun! Spend time with your kids! If they step out of line, you don't have to stop the fun! Just use Ir and keep on keepin on!

Ir, life history

Ir was born in Lubbock Texas under the name of Ir Rhoades. He had a puppy named Pedro, who he had to leave behind when he decided to be mass produced. Before he came to Dallas, he enjoyed leisurely strolls in the park and conducting irresponsible acts such as jumping off the roof into the pool. Once, when in vacationing in Paris, he got in to a fight with a mime using baguettes as swords. "The mime was asking for it," he states. "He pretended to be a cop, and arrested me for drinking something caffeinated." Ir claims that he is older than his brother, Non, but there is technically no way to prove it since their birth certificates are suspiciously nonexistent. His parents, Thou and Thy, are currently in retirement in England.