Chinese Schools of Thought

By: Mia Moore


The goal of confucianism was to, reform society by showing princes and dukes how to govern wisely. Confucius believed that government should be led by example. He taught that you should respect elders and people with power over you. Confucius also thought that education was very important. His sayings were written in a book called the Analects. "Do not do to others, what you do not wish to yourself."


The philsopher Hanfeizi thought that, the nature of man was evil, the goodness in man had to be acquired. Hanfeizi was a harsh leader, he thought that greed was the motive of conflict, result of conflict was strcit laws and brutal puishment. He also forced people to work on government projects and punished them if they didn't finish they're jobs.


Philosopher Laozi taught Daoism, dao or tao means "the way". He had given the people ways to achieve happiness: 1. Practice alchemy and magic, 2. live a simple life, 3. live in harmony with nature. Laozi thought that harmony came from balancign opposite forces like ying and yang.


Philosopher Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path. He said that meditation was important in promoting peace. Buddha believed that the right actions and the right speech led to Nirvana. Buddha diffused his teachings to China using the Silk Road. The people believed that the best government, governs the least.
Buddhism in China