Lots of stuff for cheap, cheap, cheap

Quality stuff for men, women, children and babies

We'll be selling our goods from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 7) and Sunday (Sept. 8) at 635 Colman Street in Altadena.

You will rip us off

Sunday, Sep. 8th, 8am-12pm

635 Colman St

Altadena, CA

What's in it for you?

So many great deals. Just wait, they're listed below. They are deals where you will end up laughing in the car because of how much cash you saved. Seriously, you'll be high-fiving the person you drove out to Altadena with on the way home.


Got to love the young folks. Yes, they take up a lot of your time, but so worth it, right? Right? Yes, indeed. We have so much great stuff for kids from newborn to kindergarten. Books, stuffed animals, puzzles, and toys, toys, toys. We got a lot of toys. All for $1 each. Why get ripped off at Toys R' Us. Did I say $1. Yes, $1. $1. Look if you got kids (especially boys), we'll take care of all you. Do your winter holiday shopping in September. No need to stress at the mall. We're the mall. None of this though.


Reading is obviously still cool, but nothing gives you more cred than being seen with a book. You don't have to be reading it per se, but just being seen with it will make others be a little more impressed with you. But if you do crack it open, then those words can help make you the ace at your local dinner party. This is especially the case if you purchase books at our yard sale. There is so much knowledge waiting to be consumed. Books at our yard sale will help you breakdown the drug cartels in Mexico, detail how John F. Kennedy won the presidency in 1960, and pontificate about how Terry Francona lost the Red Sox clubhouse in 2011, and more. So much more. I'm telling you, you will be THE guy/gal at your weekend dinner parties.

But that's not all. We like the art over here. Especially photography. Nothing better than a good picture to put things in perspective. We have some nice coffee table books featuring this photography. Man, this guy would even be impressed. All books $1 each. $1.

Grown folks

Look, we're getting older. We can't wear the same old stuff anymore. For me, I need to be wearing three-button polo shirts (not tucked in, yet) and shorts that fall above my knees. But don't feel sorry for me. Why? Because you benefit. You can be the recipient of some great deals. Look at that vest, that's a $50 vest. All I want is a couple of lousy bucks. Make Big Bear cool. Wear that vest while cutting up the mountain. Speaking of cool, look at that Sleater Kinney T-shirt. My wife use to rock that when she was younger and cooler. You wear it, you'll be cool (great band, eh) and seen as youngish (maybe). It's $1 for pete's sake. Worth the drive, am I right?

Lively lemonade

So after enjoying all our great deals (I'm not lying, these deals are great, worth the trip in from the Valley), we'll also have cold, sweet lemonade for you to enjoy. Price to be determined by my 4-year-old son (I'll put in a good word for you). The kid's no pushover, and I told him all the money he makes, he'll be able to keep. So he'll likely be a tough negotiator. But the lemonade, like this yard sale, will be worth it (I hope).


You'll want to stop by. You got kids? You'll want to stop by. They want toys? You'll want to stop by. They need bottles? You'll want to stop by. Hey man, you need clothes? You'll want to stop by. Ma'am, you need clothes? You'll want to stop by. You want some good tunes? You'll want to stop by. You want knowledge? You'll want to stop by. Come to Altadena. We're just off of Christmas Tree Lane. You'll want to stop by.

One last thing: We have so many bibs. Seriously, we have two kids and we have 20 or more bibs. Bibs are everywhere in the house. I don't understand it. It's if our kids eat like these guys. Please take them (the bibs, not our kids). $1 each.