By: Ty Burns

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Community Needs Sparking its Origins

Why Dallas Commission members decided to found TexProtects:

  • Texas's CPS funding needs
  • High turnover rates in Dallas resulting in poor outcomes for children (even death)
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Its Goals

TexProtects aims to:

  • Increase investments in evidence-based child abuse prevention programs
  • Reform Child Protective Services
  • Treat and heal victims of abuse

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The Impact TexProtects Has Made

  • Issues of CPS reform have been tackled
  • Awareness of child abuse has been increased state-wide
  • Many constituencies of abuse and neglect have been enabled to spread their testimonies
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Recent Achievements

  • Secured up to $2.8 million for abusive head trauma prevention and safe sleep initiative
  • Legislation to improve the collection and reporting of key data regarding child abuse fatalities to inform targeted prevention interventions
  • Renewal of $17.8 million in State General Revenue and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
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