Darfur Genocide

By: Devin Taylor and Gary Liu

Background of the Issue

In 2003 a civil war between the goverment and several groups such as the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army and Equalitly Movement groups went to war accussing them of oppressing Non-Arab Sudanese. In this tragic conflict sadly over 1,000,000 people were killed and Sudan broke into two countries, North and South.

Analysis of the cause of the conflict

The cause of this tragedy was that the goverment ignored the needs of the people by not providing the neccessities for life such as clean water, food and housing to the Darfur region, as well as oppressing the Non-Arab Sudanese.

Location/Countries Involved

Sudan, South Sudan, Darfur

What has been done to resolve the issue so far?

The south won the war breaking off from Sudan and creating a new country by gaining independance.

What else needs to been done to prevent this from happening again in the future?

Goverments can prevent civil wars like the Darfur Genocide by listening the the people, negotiating with radical groups, provide life's essentials and not favoring ethnic groups.