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Alex Augustyn

Almost my whole life is devoted to soccer and God. I have practice 3 times a week for 2 hours, and most of the time 2 games on Saturday and Sunday. I would say to be playing that much I would have to love the game and the truth is I do. Besides soccer I have very little free time which is mostly spent on homework during the school year and hanging out with friends during the summer. I love to watch movies! Exspeicaly Disney movies. I'm not one of those party people, I don't like to go out much or go to party's. I would rather hang out with friends on a Friday night than go out to a football game. I know I was put on this earth for a reason and that reason is to live my life fully and to serve the one who died for me.


Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 6:15pm

2620 Westin Ln

Flower Mound, TX

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Alex Augustyn

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