Causes of the...


Th events that lead to the American Revolution

Thursday, Jan. 1st 1756 at 12am

The 13 Colonies (and west of the Appalachian Mts.)

The causes where many but of them the French and Indian war is considered the first, according to sources


This was the law that made colonization past the Appalachian Mts. Illeagle. After the colonists fought for this land , they were enraged to find that they could not use it. This land was fertile and vast (it was bigger than the colonies).The Proclomation of 1763 was one of the first steps to revolution.

The Sugar, Quatering and Stamp Acts

The Sugar act was supposed to stop smuggling by lowering the tax on importing sugar. The quatering act made it so British colonists had to provide and shelter British soldiers.The Stamp act placed a tax on almost all printed materials in the colonies.These acts caused the colonists to become angry with Britain.
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(Salutary Neglect was when Britain Ignored the colonies)

Notice how


Tea Act and the after Party

This law placed a tax on the East India Tea company in order to save the company, but the colonists mainly drank tea so this angred them. So Samuel Adams and the Sons of LIberty decided to fight back . They did this by going to the habor dressed as Indians and they threw barrels after barrels of tea into the ocean. The amount of tea lost is equivilent to 2 million dollars today.

The Coercive Acts 1774 (Intolerable Acts)

This was a law made to punish Massuchusets for what happened at the Tea party. It closed the harbor until Massachusetes was able to pay for the tea by other means of making money. It also took away certain rights, and for these reasons they colonists named them the entolerable acts.
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This cartoon means...

that Britain was riding over and trampling the colonists and expecting them to rebuild more with less time. And all the while the colonists were just fed up.

It had to be a really loud shot.

The British army didnt have any more patience so they sent troops int the states. The troops marched from Boston to Concord. The colonists saw that they were coming and were prepared, so as the troops arrived and the colonists opened fire on the troops. It was known as the shot heard around the world (i.e. the name of this section) because the fact that it was the first time the colonists oficially opened fire on the British.
The Causes of the American Revolutionary War

Based on the video above, answer the following questions

  1. What was the initial event that started the revolution?
  2. In the chorus, he lists many reasons, name two of them.
  3. What happened at the battles of Lexington and Concord?

Based on what you found on the website above, answer the following questions.

  1. What was the Boston Tea party? What caused it?
  2. The Boston Tea Party caused what? What did this do?
  3. What was the first Continental congress? Why did they form?
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