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Technical Writer and Excel Based System Fabricator for Contract.

Have you ever come to think that you need some help developing dynamic process materials which are both accurate and informative for your product's end user or even for your own employees? Have you have ever found that you need a better, smarter and more efficient way to analyze and process data for use by your business? Have you ever wished that you had a low cost option, to create a proprietary and innovative system which is tailored to the needs of your business, and can help you both streamline your business reports and supply you with reliable data?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, contact me immediately. I have several years of experience developing forms for companies in the Construction, Legal and Service Industries and would love to put the Medical, Insurance or Industrial fields on the list. My most recent and ambitious project to date involved helping to develop a new department in a law firm, which was tasked with handling the overflow of responsibilities from three different departments.

When this department was initially proposed, two employees of the company struggled to administrate for the needs of 6 Legal Professionals. They had been all but shoved into a corner with work piling up into the rafters.

I am proud to say that this same department, now with *only one* trained professional, is supporting 14 Attorneys, 6 Legal Assistants and no less than 8 Sales Professionals. They put out an average of 16 Reports per day while also managing all of the Faxes and Mail going both in and out of the office.

I created the Tool that is helping to make this company a leader in their industry. It is so effective, and streamlines the workings of this department so well, that they have begun using it to fuel their sales by offering the services of this department for free. Yes. It is effective enough that they felt they could afford to give away the results.

Email for more details or if you would be interested in a weekend consultation regarding your business or project.