Survivial guide for Devon Island

located Nunavut in Canada.

Location,Climate + Geography

Are plane crashed in North America.The expedition base camp will be located just outside the northwest area of the Haughton impact crater,which is located at 75 degrees 22'N lattitude and 89 degrees 41'W longitude.

Climate + Geography

Survival Steps:

1.We killed the animal and made a target with it's blood on the sand.

2.We gathered friuts and vegtables that we could find to survive.

3.That night we built a fire to keep warm.

4.We got rescued the next day.

Animal Life: Fauna

They are the largest type of Canaidian hares and weigh 3.2 to 5.4 kilograms. They also have big feet.

Animal Life: Polar bear

Polar bears are large bears that live on the arctic ice. They are very large up to 3 meters long and have white fur. The polar bear is a very good swimmer-he can dive 3 meters deep in to the water and can stay under water for up to 2 minutes.The polar bears are not dangerous for humans only their pry.

Plant Life: Shoot System

No it is not a poisonous plant.The shoot system (stem and leaves) grows upward into the light and is the site of photosynthesis; the root system penetrates the soil, anchors the plant and absorbs necessary water and minerals.

Plant Life: Canivorous Plant

In butterworts (Pinguicula) sticky leaf surfaces act as flypaper to trap prey; in sundews (Drosera) sticky, long-stalked glands serve the same function, then bend inwards to enfold the victim.