Battle of Bull Run

By:Morgan Pass and Diandre' Richie

The First Battle

On July 21, 1861 the Union and Confederates armies fought near Manassas Junction, Virgina this batttle was the first major land battle during the Civil War known as Bull Run.

As the battle started out 35,000 Union troops marched from the capital of Washington D.C

to strike the Confederate force of 20,000 near a small river known as Bull Run. After fighting on the defensive side for most if the batlle the Confederates rallied and broke through the Union's right flank sending them into a chaotic retreat back to D.C. Knowing that they had won the battle the South got a surge of confidence and shocked many in the North, but both had realized that this war would not be a short and easy win.

The Second Battle

The Second Battle of Bull Run was the deciding battle in the Civil war campain between Union and Confederate armies in northern Virginia in 1862. While a large Union force led by John Pope wited for george McClellan's Army of the Potomac in antici