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we are proud to share with YOU our first issue of the TIPZITY newsletter 2014

weekly news from TIPZITY city connections in BARCELONA I ZURICH I BELGRADE only here

we don't need a WEBSITE , we have FB

For sure you are wondering why we don't have a website. Of course there is a reason, and the answer is so simple: we have a FACEBOOK PAGE and where are you spending your time when you are connected to INTERNET? In Facebook, right!

Everything you need you will find in our page! The possiblities are endless: BOOKINGS for hotels, flights, activities, SHOPPING in your favourite city, WIN prices, DEVELOP your startup, CONNECT to other social networks, APPLY for jobs ETC.......

find out more soon

as long we are waiting for the next TIPZITY we keep you updated about the ones that are already officially connected:

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