My 4th Grade Field Trips

By: Ms. Sowell

My teachers took me on 4 awesome trips this year! I created this site to tell you all about them!

Discovery Place February 28, 2014

Discovery Place was in Uptown. I couldn't believe how huge it was. There was stuff to see everywhere. My favorite part was getting to see the space show Hubble. We were in a giant theater that you had to lay back in to see. The movie was projected all around you and it felt like you were really in space. The rest of the day we got to explore the museum. I got to see a cartilaginous shark being dissected and I got to touch a snake. I learned about the rainforest habitat from a man that was putting on a show.

I would definitely recommend Discovery Place to other kids. It was a fun day filled with hands-on experiences. I hope I can go again one day!

Zootastic Park April 14, 2014

Town Creek Indian Mound April 11, 2014

Carrigan Farms May 5, 2014