Welcome to Journalism

By: Marylee


  • An example for advertising is when make a poster to sell tickets for a dance
  • Another example is when they pass a trailer of a movie
  • When you are advertising a yearbook you can use posters, video, flyers and etc.

Copy Writing

  • Begin with a topic and assignment
  • A good yearbook copy tells students something they don't already know
  • It uses anecdotes that show the life, humor and fun of school


  • Should pull readers attention
  • Identify specific content of spread
  • Have information relevant to this years specific coverage or concept


  • Use different angles
  • Ask yourself what are you photographing
  • Capture emotion


  • Finish them in time
  • Never miss one
  • Do the work well


  • Be positive
  • Try not to get frustrated
  • Do your best

Work Ethics

  • Be responsible
  • Be honest
  • Be accountable

Challenges I have faced

  • Taking pictures and what I did to overcome this challenge was to hurry and go get students from their classes
  • Getting quotes and I overcame this challenge by right when class started I went to get the students I needed and I didn't waste time

My Favorite parts of Yearbook

My favorite part of yearbook is when you go get students out of their class.And you can make friends that way.

My Least Favorite Part

My least favorite part of yearbook is when you don't have enough time to finish a page and you have to rush.


The one memory I have is when I was new and everyone in journalism was so friendly to me.

I will remember in 10 years.....

How everyone is so friendly and how we all worked together to make the yearbook.

What you need to do to be succesful in yearbook?

You need to take good pictuers of students. Get information about the topic your working on. Get good quotes from students. Be responsible with the cameras. Meet your deadlines. Don't get distracted when your working. Be respectful to students. Make the yearbook look great. Give out ideas. And have fun.