George Washington Carver

Jessica Marie KIrn

Early life

George Washington Caver was born in January 5,1864 in Diamond Grove,Missour.He was born in to salvery.His earl years was that A week after he was born George Washington Carver,his siter and his mother all three of them been kidnapped.They were sold in kentucky.Moses is angent he spotted Gerorge Washington Carver he them two went back to Missour.Moses and his wife decied to keep George and his brother James to stay with him.That was sad and so that was his early life and also no local school accept black people.So mrs moses had to teach George reading and writing.

Famous and how he died

He was famous because He invented peanut butter,sweet potatoes and soybeans.He also was champion of crops rotation and a agricultual education.He died by a anemia.That means IS A conditon in which the body does not have enought health in its body.Red bloods cells provied oxgen to bodt tissues
The Life of George Washington Carver