Some intresting things about hertford county

Hertford county has many places to go. There is many fastfood restraunts in hertford.There also many things to do in hertford. If you come to hertford you will not regret it.

About the Meherrin indains

The Meherrin Indians. There is still Meherrin Indians in Hertford county . They hold powwows on they outside of Ahoskie. They Indians have pottery they make. They even have jurally they make. They even have a small area if you look at real close while your driving down the road you can see little houses they made. There is many interesting things about the Meherrin Indians.

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More intersting things about HERTFORD COUNTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like any little town your going to have to have something to do so you don't get bored.Well we make sure you don't because we have 2 parks,Frisbee golf, football field, baseball fields, volley ball net ,tracks, soccer field and more and most of it is found behind the hospital. The football field is located at the high school and so is the track. The soccer field is located at ridge croft and beside the rec building in front of the police department. Hertford county is a wonderful place. It's amazing to.

The emergency centers.

There is many fire department,police departments. there isn't that many emergency centers but do not worry your safe.We hope you have a fun and safe trip at hertford county

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