Auschwitz Research

By: Julia Kjelland

About Auschwitz I:

Auschwitz I is the most well known Auschwitz camp to this day. The three camps were Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II or Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Auschwitz III or Auschwitz-Monowitz. Daily life in the camp was filled with hard labor and terrible treatment. Most of the workers jobs was to expand the camp, so it could house more prisoners. The three goals of Auschwitz I were to eliminate targeted groups, provide forced labor for SS owned enterprises, and to incarcerate enemies of the Nazi Regime. Auschwitz I is famous for the medical experiments that were performed there. They often tested twins, which is what Dr. Mengele focused on the most.

About Auschwitz II:

Auschwitz II contained the most prisoners out of all three of the Auschwitz camps. It also had the most deaths, there were about 318000 deaths from 1940-1945. This Auschwitz camp was known as the killing camp. There were four large crematoriums in this camp. Each one consisted of a disrobing area, a gas chamber, and the crematorium oven. The strongest prisoners were forced to work at the crematoriums, and they often saw their dead family and friends while doing forced labor.


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<--- In this picture, the prisoners are on a "death march" to the crematorium.