In the Ecuadorian coast is located one of the most famous beach in southamerica, Montañita. It’s 200 km away from Guayaquil.

It’s one of the most visited places of Ecuador, because of its big beaches, where you can do surfing and relax yourself as well. It’s climate is tropical, with 24°C, template water and a variety of sealife, which can be admired went diving.

Places to visit and activities


  • Casa ceibo boutique hotel & spa (210 USD)
  • Hotel Arrels (7 USD)
  • Cabañas Amazonia (100 USD)
  • Hostal Kon-Tiki (30 USD)
  • Tavarua Hotel (60 USD)

How to travel to Montañita

The cost of a aero ticket from Santiago - Guayaquil is around 750 USD

and the cost of the bus from Guayaquil - Montañita is around 20 USD.

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